How To Level Up Fast

How To Level Up Fast

In 8 Ball Pool, player level and rank play a crucial role in determining your progress and success. Many players may overlook the importance of these aspects of the game, but in reality, they can give you a significant advantage. In this guide, we will explore the benefits of leveling up and achieving higher ranks in 8 Ball Pool. We’ll also provide tips and strategies on how to level up and rank up fast, so you can take your gameplay to the next level.

In 8 Ball Pool, many players view their player level and rank as just a number, but unlike many other games, the player level holds significant importance and provides players with a considerable advantage. In this guide, we’ll explore the advantages of a higher player level, the critical levels to reach, and how to level up quickly.

Player Level & Rank

Although you can reach up to Level 999, there’s more to the player level than meets the eye. Here are the advantages you gain from leveling up:

  • Cash: With each new level, you receive Pool Cash, which is crucial to unlock legendary boxes that contain legendary cues. So, every additional player brings you closer to unlocking your first legendary cue.
  • Higher Rank: Player levels are grouped into player ranks. Achieving a higher rank places you in a higher league, and you can win higher Pool Cash prizes each week. The player ranks are as follows:
  • Trainee (Level 1-2)
  • Beginner (Level 3-5)
  • Student (Level 6-9)
  • Amateur (Level 10-14)
  • Hustler (Level 15-20)
  • Semi-Pro (Level 21-27)
  • Professional (Level 28-35)
  • Virtuoso (Level 36-44)
  • Expert (Level 45-54)
  • Veteran (Level 55-65)
  • Master (Level 66-77)
  • Grand Master (Level 78-90)
  • Ace (Level 91-104)
  • Superstar (Level 105-119)
  • King (Level 120-136)
  • Pool Emperor (Level 137+)

Higher Player Level = Higher Club Stats

The most crucial aspect of the player level is that it improves your cue stats, specifically power, spin, and the guideline. Here are the levels you should aim for to increase your cue stats:

Extended Guideline (+5 Each)

  • Level 3
  • Level 18
  • Level 33
  • Level 43
  • Level 58
  • Level 78
  • Level 83
  • Level 98

Increase Extended Spin (+5 Each)

  • Level 8
  • Level 23
  • Level 38
  • Level 63
  • Level 73
  • Level 88

Extended Power (+5 Each)

  • Level 14
  • Level 28
  • Level 48
  • Level 53
  • Level 68
  • Level 93

How To Level Up Faster

Ultimately, leveling up comes down to gaining XP points, which you can only earn by playing matches, either tournaments or regular pool matches. However, note that offline practice or playing with friends will no longer provide XP.

You’ll gain XP even if you lose:

  • Lost Match: 16% XP
  • Won Match: 100% XP
  • Lost Tournament: 25% XP
  • Won Tournament: 120% XP

Playing tournaments will give you a higher amount of XP, allowing you to rank faster. Even if you lose, you’ll receive more XP than you would from a regular match. If you win, you’ll receive an additional 20% XP. Although some players may avoid tournaments, they’re a better way to gain XP quickly since the games are fast-paced, end faster, and opponents make more mistakes. Additionally, the 2-minute timer in tournaments adds to the excitement and challenge.

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How To Level Up Fast?

In conclusion, leveling up and ranking up fast can greatly improve your gameplay experience in 8 Ball Pool. By reaching higher levels, you can gain access to legendary cues and win bigger pool cash prizes, while also improving your cue stats, including power, spin, and guideline. To rank up fast, focus on playing tournaments as they provide more XP and faster-paced gameplay. Keep in mind that reaching higher levels takes time and effort, but with the right strategies and dedication, you can achieve your goals and become a true pool champion.

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